A Guide to Luxury Camping in Europe

Camping and luxury are hardly natural bedfellows. Not to most anyway, but what if you were told you could have all the fun aspects of camping with all the mod-cons more closely associated with a villa holiday? Well, you can with companies like Canvas who offer high-end camping holidays for all the family.

Ready to go

First off, you won’t have to lug your tent around with you and you certainly won’t be expected to struggle with those confusing instructions as you try to thread one pole into another. With Canvas, you’ll arrive at the campsite to be greeted by their friendly and helpful staff and find your accommodation already up and ready to use.

Luxury Camping in Europe

You don’t even need your own sleeping bags. Canvas’s Maxi Tents have double beds complete with memory foam mattresses and bedding so you get a great night’s sleep in the great outdoors. This isn’t all – Maxi Tents are also fitted with their own kitchen areas, complete with hob and fridge freezer, so you can cook proper home cooked meals, which is great, especially when you’re so close to the sea like many of Canvas’s campsites are. Why slum it on dried noodles when you can sample fresh local fish?

Great facilities

You’re perhaps thinking that when it comes to campsites with upmarket facilities, your choice is going to be a little limited – but that’s not actually the case. Canvas operates out of countless campsites all over Europe during the camping season (May to December), so you have the choice of a wide range of countries and regions.

Each campsite has its own set of facilities. Some have swimming pools and waterslides or are based lakeside – perfect for families with active children who are looking for fun and adventure. Others focus more on rest and recuperation, offering luxurious spas and golf courses. There are other activities too, such as wine tasting for all you oenophiles – a perfect pick for camp sites in France with canvas holidays – and a whole selection of other sports for the competitively inclined.

Great areas

There’s plenty to explore around the campsites too. Too often a campsite can be situated in the middle of nowhere, far from places of interest or beauty. Canvas only operates out of campsites that offer their guests sights and experiences, so their helpful staff will be happy to offer advice on what to see and where to go. They can tell you where the most picturesque spots or any nearby historical sites are and where to find the best local fare.

Once you’re done exploring, you can return to the campsite, pop open the wine you picked up from the wine tasting, put that fresh fish on the BBQ and enjoy the setting sun.

For more information on luxury camping holidays from Canvas, visit their website or call them on 0845 268 0827.