Camping in New England

Camping comes in all shapes and sizes, and therefore it can appeal to the masses. Some people prefer their comfort level to remain almost like home, and require a more modern approach to living in the great outdoors. Some require the minimal things needed to survive and want to be as close to nature as possible. Can’t say goodbye to the ocean? No problem. New England is a perfect spot to find your self under the stars and trees surrounding you. With a plethora of campsites available, these states are appealing for many camping adventurers.

England Beach

Beach Bum

Beaching it doesn’t always seem to be the first experience to pop in to one’s mind when speaking about camping, but it’s definitely possible. Charlestown Breachway has the largest coastal pond in the state of Rhode Island and it’s just perfect for diving right into. There are trails to wander down, wind surfing, and paddling to name a few things to do while you camp at any of the 75 campsite sites available here.

Camp ‘n Wine

Do you think that wine is not really a very “capable” beverage? Think again. If you’re camping at Martha’s Vineyard, it’s very much a possibility. That and having the sand between your toes, biking trails to explore, golf courses, and harbor and beach vistas. There’s a very convenient campsites with hookups available picnic tables, and fireplaces. Amenities such as restrooms with hot showers and a laundromat are also on site.

Up High

Get up to any of the 15 campsites that are at the tallest peak of Massachusetts. Stony Ledge and rocky cliffs are amongst some of the beauty you can experience while looking off the Greylock Summit. You will have to really work for a campsite here though as the only way you’re reserving a spot to pitch your tent, is if you hike there first. Taking a wander around in nearly any direction will bring up a trail and and an adventure.

Chilling Lakeside

Here at Lake Waramaug, there are rounded mountain tops surrounding the Connecticut River with campsites nestled away in the Litchfield Hills. The scene lake is massive and the forests that are surrounding it have 77 camp sites dotting it. There a beach lake for a refreshing swim, or a canoe to float on the top of the water and take in your surroundings.

Chilling Lakeside

Walk it out

After figuring out your flight information to Massachusetts, it’s time to head to Nickerson State Park. Here there’s hiking, biking, and more hiking to be had. This is for the mountain-trekking and biking fantastic with trails for miles and miles. The Cape Cod Rail Trail is 25 miles long alone. If it’s time to give your legs a rest, but you just can’t sit still, give those arms a workout and paddle in the ponds such as Flax and Little Cliff.


Perhaps you are the type of camper who desires solitude. If so, roam around the quiet and remote campgrounds South Arm on Richardson Lake. Many of the campsite here are only accessible by boat, some are over 16 miles up the river. Swimming, boating, canoeing, and fishing are the activities to enjoy while spending your time here.

Things to keep in mind…

When you’re scampering through the wilderness, safety should be of the utmost concern. There’s a laundry list of items to discuss, and a basic emergency kit alone won’t cut it. One thing you can do is make sure you get pre-existing medical conditions insurance to be safe before you start wandering into the wilderness. Read up on the specifics for the campground you intend on going to and take extra supplies for those more tucked away campgrounds.