Camping Among The Wildlife In Swaziland

There are definitely some interesting areas in Africa for camping trips, with the Kingdom of Swaziland being one of them. Even though it’s the smallest country on the African continent there are plenty of wonderful regions for camping adventures.

The landlocked country is basically divided into two regions. The western section is quite mountainous while the middle area is bush covered and the east features the Lebombo Mountain region.

camping among the wildlifeThere are numerous national parks in Swaziland where you can view some of the country’s fascinating wildlife such as Black and White Rhinos, Lions, and Elephants.

Some of the most popular areas are the Mkhaya Game Reserve, the Mlawula Nature Reserve, the Malolotja Nature Reserve and the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

You’ll be able to engage in some fine activities in these parks as they offer Horseback Riding, Hiking Trails, and White Water Rafting.

Many of the big-game parks are ideal for backpacking and camping and offer a variety of sections such as such as games, swimming pools, barbecue area, and gardens.

Caravan camping isn’t quite as common as tent/backpacking adventures, but there are several companies that offer camping tours and safaris with guides.

Swaziland offers some spectacular scenery and it’s an excellent place to visit, camp out, and spend some time in the true wilds and its fabulous countryside.