Some of the Best Night Camping Destinations in UK

Summer is the best time for camping and you can avail all the perks of camping during the night time for sure as it calls for adventure, thrill, fun and ecstasy under the open sky. You can go out with your loved ones, far away from the hustle bustle of the daily life and spend night time in a well made camp.

A lot of people in UK have been corresponding to this idea and night camping is actually very popular adventure activity in UK. There are some amazing country sides where night camping can be enjoyed. Here are some of the most thrill full night camping sites that you will find in the UK.

Amazing Night Camping Destinations in the UK

Camping with friends or family among a breathtaking landscape during the night sounds alluring to a lot of people. Here are some of the most amazing camping destinations that you will see in the UK –

Dartmoor National Park

dartmoor national parkIf you are a fan of adventure sports the Dartmoor National Park could be the best destination for camping. Apart from being ruggedly beautiful, this is the only place in whole England where you would be allowed a few nights of wild camping. Staying here you can also take hiking and climbing trips. Basically this gives you a glimpse of wild nature.

Scottish Country Sides

scottish country sides

The name Scotland makes one crave for the beautiful landscape complete with lakes and hills. In Scotland you can actually camp in the open countryside, unlike in the other parts of the UK. If spending some good times in the Scottish highlands sound appealing to you, you can actually plan your next camping tour in one of the Scottish country sides.

Great Langdale

great langdale

Lake Districts are probably one of the most romantic camping sites that you will find in the UK. The Great Langdale camping site, run by the national trust can be a good site for night camping. Situated among the glorious nature, the Lake District is best for a relaxing trip.  And if you are an adventure sports lover, there is the opportunity of hiking too in this site.

Robin Hood’s Bay

robin hood’s bay

The Robin Hood’s Bay, in the North Yorkshire is a beautiful bay associated with the legendary leader of bandits, Robin Hood. In this area you can camp in the Hook’s House farm which provides a breathtaking view of the bay. People often begin from or end in here their coast to coast walking tour. The lush greenery, the tide washed bay and the gorgeous woods are the main attractions of this place.

Pembrokeshire Coast

pembrokeshire coast

This is quite well known for its natural beauty. On one hand there are ragged cliffs and on the other golden colored beaches. You can put up in the Newgale campsite in Pembrokeshire which is known for its amazing location. Windsurfing and surfing are two added attraction for the campers here.

New Forest National Park

If sleeping near huge and ancient trees sound interesting to you then you must camp in the New Forest national Park. A beautiful campsite which will make your stay more memorable is the Roundhill campsite. There is also a river nearby, other than the forest and the beach.

These are some of the best campsites in the UK where you can plan a refreshing night camping tour.