Amazing Camping Spots To Have The Pleasure Of Beautiful Nature!

Sleeping under stars, toasting your favorite wine over the campfire and becoming one with nature are part of camping.

There are number of camping sites available, which have recently emerged as amazing locations around the globe. Here is a list of few of those wonderful sites of camping.

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Maldives!

After marking departure from the sleek over-water bungalow, you’ll find Banyan tree resorts, the most Maldivian resorts. You can experience the sense of romance, magic and tranquility at this particular resort. Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru is second to none and you’ll feel that time is moving imperceptibly.

As you wake up in the morning, your eyes catch the salty tang of the sea. Swimming in between the wondrous creatures in sea can mark a wonderful experience in your life.

White pod, Switzerland!

Usually, when you are planning for camping, snow may not be the part of your equation. However, when camping tents are replaced with dome-shaped pods and fishing by dog sledging and snowshoeing, it can be really exciting for you. So, this idea of cold weather camping really remain as most memorable experience for your life.

White pod is an exclusive, unique and ecological resort. Distinctive pods available at this resort offer unprecedented accommodation at the camp.

Eco Camp, Chile!

Camping in Patagonia, Chile’s most popular beauty zone, gives you utmost comfort and wonderful experience for your life. Eco camp offers you a perfect compromise between hotel accommodation and camping.

If you love virgin jungle, blue glaciers, rushing rivers and granite Andean peaks, then this eco camp at Chile is perfect holiday destination for you.

Voyages longitude 131°, Australia!

Luxurious, romantic and eco sensitive, longitude 131° offers 15 elevated tents with white dome roofs, private decks, aka ayers’ rock and unrivaled views of Uluru. A venture to Uluru and Kata Tjuta will expose you to an expansive cultural living landscape.

You can either spend time in learning ancient cultures or you can also enjoy stunning flora and fauna with expert guides at this enticing land.

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