Traditional Can Meet Healthy In Camping Recipes

Camping food isn’t considered as the healthiest food, but in case you want to eat healthy, while camping, here are some delicious recipes. The Hoe cakes are easy to prepare and most of all, healthy.

The ingredients you need are 2 cups of corn meal, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 cups of boiling water and oil for frying. Boil water on the camping fire and then pour it as it is hot over the cornmeal. Stir it well.

camping recipes 1

Meanwhile heat the oil into a different bowl. Shape the cornmeal mush into patties and put them into the heated oil. Cook until each patty is crispy brown. Cool it and serve.

The typical camping sausages can be also healthy, if prepared without oil.

First and more important is to buy the sausages from the local farms, this mean they are healthy and produced in a green way.

camping recipes 2

It is the same with the bacon. In case you want to eat healthier, while camping, just cook the sausages and the bacon without any oil.

It is not necessary as the bacon and the sausages have their own oils in which they will be cooked. As for the eggs, you can use some organic cooking oils.