Foil Wrapped Cooking For The Camping Fire

Most people go camping equipped with all the necessary gear to cook outdoors and in the same time keep the forest safe.

Camping recipes are not always very hard to make but there are cases when just grilled meat is no longer to your satisfaction and the hunger calls for something…different.

Foil wrapped cooking is not exactly new but we have to admit it is something very handy, requires very little cooking gear, doesn’t take a very long time to clean after it and it has the advantage of being prepared with nothing but the camp fire you use to grill and make smores.

Using foil cooking you can prepare meat, vegetables and desserts with very little fuss and nothing but a foil cooking tray.

The meat is easy to make by simply marinating it and placing it inside the tray along with the veggies you plan to use for garnish. Cover with foil and let it cook smoothly at the camp fire. You will have a complete meal in a short time.

If you are a vegan, cooking just veggies with a drop of seasoning and a bit of Caesar dressing can be done exactly the same.

You can cook mushrooms filled with cheese using the same method or grill fleshy fruit like peaches with nothing but a drop of cinnamon and honey.