Enjoy Your Morning Brew When Camping

There’s nothing quite like savoring a morning cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

The birds are singing, the sun is fresh and new and the aroma of wood smoke and fresh brewed coffee permeates the air.

For many people, this is a slice of heaven on earth.

Some coffee makers are better than others when you go camping and a lot of the taste lies in the technique you use to make it.

Manual Drip Coffee Makers

Depending upon how much coffee you expect to drink and how many people are going along that will require a nice hot cup of Joe to start their day, coffeemakers for camping come in a variety of sizes.

The most common type of coffeemaker to bring along on a camping trip is a manual drip coffee pot. All you have to do is to pour water that is boiling over coffee grounds in a filter.

Coffee Cooking

Others prefer a more conventional method of preparation and use a coffee pot that sits on a portable stove for cooking or goes directly into the hot ashes of your fire in order for the water to boil.

With today’s technology, campers can find coffee pots that are automatic drip for that added convenience. These types of coffeemakers are rather large and cumbersome and are not recommended for the camper that will be hiking for miles.

The Best Coffee

When shopping for a camp coffeemaker, go to your local sporting goods store where you will find a wide variety of coffeemakers that are made specifically for hunting or camping.

The best tasting coffee comes from the manual drip type. The coffeemakers for camping are designed to withstand high heat temperatures and are usually made from fire resistant material such as stainless steel.

The manual drip camp coffeemaker looks like two coffeemakers in one. You put the water in the bottom part and the coffee sits in a filter on the top. When you see the steam coming out you merely flip the coffeemaker over so that the water strains through the coffee grounds. Then you have fresh brewed coffee for everyone.

Just because you go camping doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your creature comforts. Coffee is an important component and having a delicious, rich cup of coffee in the morning can make all the difference to the rest of your day.