Easy Camping Meal Ideas

When you are camping outdoors, eating healthy food is very important to enjoy your trip well.

Even though you are on camping, you still need healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are few easy camping meal ideas that can give you some tasty options for your meals.

Breakfast in foil

Ingredients: Aluminum foil, 6 large eggs, 1 onion, 4 potatoes, 1 slice American cheese

Take a heavy duty aluminum foil. Double it, apply butter well and form a pan shape with it. Take 6 large eggs and beat them well.

Chop onion into small pieces and make thin slices of potatoes. Now, put beaten egg, chopped onion, thin slices of potato and slice of American cheese in the foil and place it on grill over low fire and turn the foil often. If you need, you can also add seasoning to it.

Foil fries

Ingredients: Cheese or any edible oil, cut potatoes, aluminum foil

First of all spray the foil and cut potatoes liberally with cheese or edible oil. Place the potatoes in center of large piece of foil.

You can also add seasoning like Old Bay on top, if you need. Now, close the foil tightly and roast over campfire or stove for 45 minutes.

This makes easy camping meal. Even your children can make these recipes easily without your help. Similarly, there are many easy camping recipes that you can prepare at your camp site.