Deli Meats: The Shortcut To A Great Sandwich On Your Next Camping Trip

Deli MeatsOn your next camping trip try something new: stop at your local grocery store and go to the deli and meat section.

Choose some tasty and good deli meats as well as some fresh-sliced cheeses of your choice.

You will quickly find that deli meats and freshly sliced cheeses from your local grocery deli section make for an extraordinary meal while still maintaining the ‘roughing it’ feel of the camp ground and nature.

Make sure to buy only premium quality meat. Buying premium quality meat is important both to your satisfaction and also because premium quality meats will stay fresher longer and will be more resilient to the refrigerator to the freezer to the cooler to the camp site routine it goes through.

Buying premium quality deli meats and cheeses will also ensure you have the least fillers and preservatives you can get in a deli meat or cheese.

With deli meats and cheeses you can experiment with the standard deli sandwich, an open faced sandwich, and you can even heat up the meat and cheeses for a melt.