2 Tastiest Recipes for Kids Camping

Eating is one of the most interesting activities on a camping trip. So, why don’t you try for recipes that your children love most? First, make a list of all possible meals by collecting ideas from your children. Ask your children what their favorite meals are.

kids camping recipesThough the kids’ ideas are not practical, with little creativity, you can make tastiest meals over a campfire.

Camping pizza: Most of the kids love this recipe because it uses only few ingredients that are easy to bring to your camping trip.

If your children are old enough to cook the food over hot coals, then allow each of them to make their own one. The cooking tool that is needed to make pizza is pie iron. After cooking, it just appears as a calzone, but tastes as pizza.

Ingredients: White bread, pizza sauce, margarine, pepperoni, and mozzarella sauce.

How to prepare?

  • Spread sauce, cheese and various other toppings on a slice of bread.
  • Keep other bread slice on top of it.
  • Add butter to both sides.
  • Then keep the buttered bread slices inside pie iron and put it over hot coal.
  • Often, rotate the pie iron so that pizza is properly toasted on both the sides.

Banana canoe: It is not only fun to make this recipe, but also fun to have.

Ingredients: Fresh banana with firm peel, 2 tsp granola, 2 tsp mini marshmallow and 1 tsp marshmallow.

How to prepare?

  • Put the banana on a thick aluminum foil.
  • Don’t peel it, cut into two pieces along the length of the banana.
  • Stuff it with nuts, chocolate chip, and marshmallows.
  • Cover banana in aluminum foil.
  • Place it over hot coal with tongs and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Then place the banana on a table with the help of tongs, allow it to cool and then have it.