Climbing Greater Heights With A Great Pair Of Climbing Shoes

Mountain or rock climbing are two of the most exhilarating things in life a lot of adventure oriented people would not want to miss.

Despite the fact that it may be a potentially dangerous sport to engage in, the feeling of reaching the top of a steep mountain is so satisfying you’ll forget that you nearly lost your life trying to do it.

Reaching the top may not always be an easy task. There are tricky steps you have to overcome and some trails can be very dangerous. If there is one thing that can help you overcome the challenges of climbing to the peak, it is your pair of reliable and comfortable climbing shoes.

Climbing shoes are specially designed shoes for rock and mountain climbing. Each of its structure has its own purpose. Each design is necessary for your comfort and safety during your climb.

Even if you had the determination of going up, your running shoes will not stand a chance against the solid rocks of Africa, or any other sites for climbing. The right pair of climbing shoes can contribute greatly to the success of your climb.

Therefore, if you plan to finish the climb, you first have to plan how to begin with the right pair. For beginning rock climbers, you might want to peek into these following things when you shop for your very own climbing shoes.

Snug fitting

Your climbing shoes should fit your feet snugly. Climbing, especially rock climbing, could give you the difficulty of pulling yourself up without your feet serving as leverage.

Snugly fitted climbing shoes avoid the possibility of it slipping off of your feet during the climb. In shopping for climbing shoes, you must see to it that the size is just right for you. Be careful in buying, especially second hand ones, they might be climbing shoes but just not for you in terms of its size.

Sticky rubber soles

Aside from snug fitting, the soles of your shoes should be sticky. Climbing shoes with sticky rubber soles give you the privilege of not entirely relying on your strength to stay on and keep on climbing.

If in case you are buying a second hand pair, make sure that the rubber at the sole still serves its function very well. Spider man had feet that stuck to walls and it was easier for him. You should have climbing shoes that stick to rocks to make the climbing less hard.

Downturned toes

There are turns and parts in rock climbing that offer you little space to step in. This is where your downturned toe structure comes in handy.

Although it might be very uncomfortable at first glance, it performs better than it looks. This structure found in climbing shoes gives one an ability to step on small surface areas during the climb. It’s a pointed structure like that of ballerina shoes, only much better of course.


The weight of your body is a heavy thing already. Your climbing shoes should not add up to what you are already carrying. Though it may have weight in itself, find and choose the lightest possible or something you know you could handle.