Camping Cots for Warmer and Cozier Sleep

The joys of camping are numerous. But the greatest downside is that you have to sleep on the floor of the tent. So, carrying camping cots to the site can make your experience much more enjoyable.

While preparing a camping checklist, camping cots are usually on top of your list. A sleeping cot is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Also, there are various benefits of camping cots.

camping cots

Camping cots are of two types, one is end-bar construction i.e. it has poles making ‘X’ on the ends and second is no-end bar construction i.e. it has four rectangular poles.

So, what should you consider while purchasing camping cots?

Camping cots are evolved to provide more comfort, convenience and style to your camping trip. You need to consider few things before buying camping cots to take with you.

1. First and the most important thing is weight. If you want to go for hard core camping, i.e. hiking and consider carrying all the equipment yourself without a car, then you need to choose lightweight camping cots. You can select from a wide range of lightweight models in different styles.

2. Second thing you need to consider is durability. Choose something that exists for longer time. It is essential to take into consideration that camping cots do not have a long life. While using them, they are exposed to outdoor elements and larger amounts of air. When they are not in use, they are folded up and packed away. So, you should select something that will endure this.

3. The cot should have strong frame and strong fabric. Usually, most of the cots are made up of polyesters, as they last longer and are water resistant.

4. Choose an extra-large cot. The extra room on the cot can help you place things like flashlight or hiking boots. So, there is no need to search around during the night to find these things.

5. Buy a rust resistant cot. Often, sleeping cots are wound up in garage i.e. located in damp areas. If the cot is not rust resistant, it will rust within few days.

6. Check the screws and pins carefully.

7. Check out on the weight the cot can bear. Most of the camping cots bear weight up to 300 lbs. if it is not enough for you, buy higher end cots.

Benefits of camping cots:

  • Camping cots give you more storage space in the tent. You can keep all the gear under the cot.
  • Cots will keep you comfortably off the ground and give a better night’s sleep.
  • Sleeping cot keeps your body away from the cold wet ground and gives you a warmer and drier sleep.
  • Cots with pads or air beds give you a feeling of being at home in your tent.
  • Camping cots are much more durable when compared to air mattresses or sleeping pads.