Campers Guide On Choosing A Sleeping Bag

As one of the basic necessities in camping, the sleeping bags should be chosen very carefully.

Aside from getting the best out of your money’s worth, sleeping bags serves as your protective blanket during the trip.

A common characteristic of sleeping bags is their shape. One is rectangular and is equipped with a zipper on both sides that you can close all the way up your body or just half your body.

The other one is the Mummy shape sleeping bag which is more form fitting and shaped like a mummy. It is recommended on cold climate because of its snug fit, less air can enter the bag. Whatever the shape of sleeping bags you choose, you have to know that their primary purpose is to keep you warm.

There are two kinds of sleeping bags namely Synthetic and the Goose Down. Synthetic sleeping bags are water proof and at the same time keep you warm.

They are recommended if the camping site is a bit damp. On the other hand, Down sleeping bags are lightweight and can keep the heat better than Synthetic. However, they easily absorb water and are more prone to sagging.

Guide in choosing the right sleeping bags

  • Size: Be practical and choose the right size of sleeping bags for you. When you’re camping alone, it’s not practical to bring an over-sized sleeping bag with you. Make sure to have sleeping bags of all sizes in case you and your family decide on going on an outdoor adventure.
  • Temperature: Sleeping bags are designed to provide warmth and protection on your body while sleeping. Body temperature varies on men and women. There are no guidelines on the right temperature so in choosing, pick something that can keep you warm on cold weather and not steaming hot during summer.
  • Storage: Reliable sleeping bags can be noted for their ability to be folded and stacked in their smallest sizes possible. If possible, go for lightweight sleeping bags which are more practical and convenient.
  • Insulation: Insulation is a big factor for those who camp in cold places and where the weather changes quickly. Choose sleeping bags that are ideal for warm and cold weather conditions.
  • Prize: Sleeping bags come in affordable prices. You can avail of amazing deals during sale or by buying second-hand sleeping bags which are still in good condition.

Tips for caring your sleeping bag:

  • If your sleeping bag is washable, wash it after every use. If not, expose it to sun’s heat and air it before you stack it back.
  • To keep the thickness of your sleeping bag, always fluff it before using.
  • Prolonged keeping of your sleeping bag in its case will cause marks of strings attached to it. If you have more space in the closet, you can just fold it twice and let it lay there or hang it.
  • Never put your wet sleeping bag back into its case. Let it dry first to prevent it from getting that stinky smell and keep it thick.