10 Camping Air Bed Choices for You to Have a Comfortable Outdoor Sleep!

Outdoor adventure trips like camping, hiking, trailing, rock climbing, etc. can be tiring and make you need a lot of energy too. It is thus vital that you will be able to sleep in comfort in order to face the next day full of adventures. The right camping air bed or mattress can make all the difference to your energy levels the next day. If you have slept soundly during the night, you will wake up all fresh and charged to face the next day. Take a look at camping airbed choices that can mean a restful night when outdoors or even provide yourself with the much wanted extra bed when you have guests.

1.Insta-Bed Airbed with Built-in Pump, Queen

Insta-Bed Airbed is an excellent choice when you need an extra camping air bed because you would like to sleep comfortably during your outdoor adventures. The model presented here is a queen sized bed elevated to 22” for complete comfort.

camping air bed

It has a built-in pump and you can adjust it to your choice as the bed has two chambers. It also has an upgraded coil system, which adds to the comfort. This camping air bed has a Sure Grip Bottom that prevents the bed from slipping around. The top is comfortably flocked. The Insta Bed Airbed with Built in Pump is available for $117.49 on walmart.com.

2.Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed with Wrap ‘N’ Roll

This sure is a multipurpose bed that can be used according to the situation’s need. The bed can be used as two separate twin camping air beds or as a king sized bed by zipping them together. They can also be stacked onto each other and then zipped to give you an elevated twin bed.

camping air bed

Each of this camping airbed has 32 coils to give you extra comfort. They have a simple Wrap’N’Roll storage system. The Camping mattress feels luxurious due to its soft suede top. It has a durable PVC construction. This multi purpose air bed is available on coleman.com for $44.99 only.

3. Ozark Trail Elevated Air Bed

Miss your bed when camping and traveling? Here is the perfect solution for your camping air beds, the Ozark Trail Elevated Air Bed.  The Ozark Trail Air Bed has a comfortable flocked top to prevent any slipping or sliding while lying on it. The material is punctured and water resistant, so it is perfect for rough use.

camping air bed

The mattress comes with its own built in pillow for added comfort. It also has its own storage bag, so storing and carrying it’s easy. The mattress is designed to inflate and deflate with speed. Choose from twin and queen size. Look for bargains starting at $28.94 on kaboodle.com.

4. AeroBed Sleep in Style 18″ Elevated Mattress

Expecting guests and short of a bed or going away for the weekend and wish you had something comfortable to sleep on? Look no further, the AeroBed Sleep in Style 18” Elevated mattress is the answer you are looking for. Its intricate and stylish baroque pattern will please the most discerning eye. Its ideal height makes it easy to get on and out off.

camping air bed

This twin sized camping air bed has cushions to give you comfort and the coil construction gives you plenty of support. The sleeping surface is plush with a velvet finish. The mattress is puncture resistant and is made of a non-allergenic PVC Vinyl. The built in pump inflates the bed in less than three minutes.  For the best deals starting at $79.96 visit  walmart.com.

5. Intex Queen Prestige Downy Airbed with Hand Held Battery Pump

The Intex queen Prestige Downy camping air bed is your perfect companion when roughing it outdoors. It has a luxurious flocked top to give you extra comfort and also cleans easily.

camping air bed

Its water proof properties make it ideal for camping trips. This camping air bed comes along with a hand held battery operated pump, which inflates it and deflates it really fast, thanks to the extra wide valve openings. The pump can be used to inflate/deflate other things also. The mattress is made of a 20.8 gauge top (water proof), 15 gauge bottom and 14 gauge vinyl beams. Get yours today from amazon.com from $18.49 to $36.55 only.

6. Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed

Wondering about sleeping arrangements for your growing toddler, when on a holiday or visit? A three year old needs to be sleeping in her/his bed and the Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed is the right solution.

camping air beds

This camping air bed is perfect in size and the crib sheets can be easily tucked in to make it look familiar to your young child. The PVC material used to make the bed has no lead, BPS or Phthalates. The included electric pump inflates and deflates it rapidly. It is a safe solution for a toddler away from home. Get one today from amazon.com for $79.00.

7. Coleman Queen Pillow-Top Airbed with Built-in Pump

Coleman brings to you the Queen Pillow Top Airbed, with an airtight system of double lock valve. This camping air bed is constructed for rough use and ensures – no matter what there is no air leaks. You can be at peace with the quality, durability and convenience that a Coleman product offers.

camping air beds

The built-in pump inflates or deflates the mattress in a matter of seconds. The quilted pads can be removed for machine washing and then zipped back on to the mattress. It comes with its own carry bag for ease of storage and transportation. Buy one today from walmart.com for $89.00 only.

8. Intex Recreation Classic Downy Bed Royal Bl Twin 68757e

The perfect choice when you need an extra bed at home or when you want something larger to accommodate two people when camping, the Intex Recreation Classic Downy Bed has plush flocked velveteen on the upper surface to give you a very comfortable sleeping surface and also keeps the bedding in place.

air beds

It is waterproof and easy to clean. Durable and very convenient to use, the airbed has 14 gauge vinyl beam top and a 15 gauge bottom. This camping air bed has a 2-in-1 valve air pump which comes with three nozzles and an accordion hose. Easy to deflate and store. Compare prices at nexttag.com to get great bargains. Prices start as low as $15.

9. Supreme Airflow Raised Queen 120V

It seriously can’t get better than this, a very comfortable queen sized inflatable bed, it promises a very comfortable night, even when you are in rugged areas when camping. It is raised almost 20″ off the floor. The sides and top of the bed have especially engineered air cells that are interconnected; this gives the perfect airflow for good sleep.

air bed

This camping air bed has a convenient built-in pump that can be used to inflate and deflate the mattress. It is waterproof and durable. The upper chamber has coil beams and the lower chamber has L beams giving the bed its unique properties. Queen sized, the bed is yours for $111.20. For further details check out huntingturf.com .

10. Go Anywhere Travel Toddler Airbed Mattress

Not only cute and interesting, but also very practical for traveling with kids, the Go Anywhere Travel Toddler Airbed Mattress comes with a very handy design for accommodating your baby. It can be used as a baby crib and it is very easy to use and inflate using nothing but the integrated bump which does not require electricity to function.

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You can buy it for $54,95 on Amazon and be sure your kid will enjoy the BPA and lead free, soft and comfy design and you will have a much more relaxed trip. These types of camping air beds are specially created to accommodate the needs of a family with kids.