Keeping Clean with a Variety of Camping Showers

Camping and hiking can definitely be dirty and muddy on many occasions. Depending where you are, it may be virtually impossible to find water to wash yourself. However, these days you can guarantee yourself a good old-fashioned scrub down by investing in a camping shower. These devices are ideal for just about any outdoor adventure when you need to rinse yourself off.

But since there are several types of camping showers available on the market, you’ll need to select the ideal one for your specific type of outing and your personal needs. You need to make sure it can provide an adequate amount of water and that you can transport it without any problems. This is important because some of these showers are quite heavy.

Camping Showers

If you’re driving to a campsite and plan on staying there for a period of time without moving then you shouldn’t have much of a problem taking one of the heavier, bigger, and more sophisticated models with you. But if you plan on moving around in the wilderness, it’s a good idea to take along a smaller and lighter version which is more portable.

You’ll find quite a few different styles of showers to choose from and should even find some solar showers, which are a great way to help save the environment. With a solar shower, the water is heated naturally by the sun. They’re pretty effective even though they’re quite basic. The water can be kept warm up to a certain length of time.

If you’re going camping with your family there’s a good chance that you’re going to need one of the larger shower designs. The best choice in this instance could be a propane-fueled camping shower. With these models, you can count on hot water at any time. However, these types are also recommended for camping trips where you intend on staying put for the duration of the adventure.

In fact, the water with these models can actually be used for anything, including washing the pots and pans. There’s an enclosure that comes with a propane shower which is quite similar to a regular shower curtain. This means you have privacy when taking a shower.

If you’d rather stick to a basic portable model, there are a number of gravity-based options to choose from. You will fill a bag with water and place it somewhere above you. Then when you want to wash you simply stand underneath it and turn the water valve open to release the water. They’re quite primitive, but can be greatly appreciated at the end of a long, hot and sticky day in the woods.

Camping showers are ideal for those who used to skip outdoor trips because they didn’t have an opportunity to clean up. You’ll find showers in a variety of price ranges and these are designed to suit a variety of needs. As long as you can find one that doesn’t weigh you down too much, you might want to consider one for your next wilderness trip.