Which Type of Camping Tent Is Best for Your Trip?

You will find camping tents in various shapes, sizes, materials and types, so it is difficult to choose which type of tent meets your needs.

camping tent

Generally, camping stores mainly concentrate on packing weight and number of people to sleep, but there are various other things to consider while selecting the right one.

Here are various types of camping tents:

Large dome tents: These are ideal for car camping. Large dome tents allow space to recline and are tall enough to fully stand up in. Dome tents come with built in waterproof floors and insect proof mesh.

Four season tents: These tents are designed to use in extreme weather and also in winter months. These are expensive and are durable. They are designed to survive the rigors of high storms and ultra-cold temperatures.

Backpacking tents: If you want to spend a night in the back country, then these tents are ideal. They are lightweight and easily packable and ideal for back country travel.

Cabin tents: Also called as family tents. Cabin tents are huge and are ideal if you are camping in one spot for a short time.

Outfitter tents: These tents are ideal for extreme winter weather conditions. You can use the stove inside the tent. As they are very big and bulky, they are not good for backpacking or general camping.

Marquee tents: They are big catering type party tents. These are not for camping.