Keep Your Camping Tent Warm And Cosy With These 5 Best Ways

Camping can be one of the most fun, relaxing and enjoyable experiences and is that time when you get the opportunity to get away from work, social life and hustle bustle of the city life.  Camping during winters or cooler months is surely a little tougher than camping in summers and requires you to pack in more gear. One of the major challenges faced during camping in winters is to keep the tent warm or hot.

warm and cosy camping tent


The following are the top 5 ways to heat your camping tent:

1. The first step or way to keep your camping tent warm is to lay down inflatable foam mats over the entire area of the tent, without leaving any gaps in between or on the sides.  This very layer makes you stay away from the ground and keeps you insulated. Also make sure that the mats do not shift in any way by fastening them properly.

2. If you can keep dry, you can keep warm. So to prevent the tent from any kind of moisture build up and you must regularly allow fresh air into the tent.  Modern day tents come with arrangement through which the tents can breathe while older tents have flaps which can be opened to let air in.

3. Another best way to heat up your tent is to install a catalytic heater in your camping tent.  But remember that this kind of a heater must only be placed on a flame retardant surface. Before you switch the propane supply on, you must check the tubing of the heater to avoid any kind of mishap.   You must run the heater for one hour before you hit the sack so that the tent gets heated up.  To let the gases get out of the tent, you must keep the flaps of the tent open while the heater does its work.

4. Another way to heat up your tent is by using a space heater. A space heater works on power supply and can only be used in those tents where the campsite supplies electrical power.  This kind of a heater does not require propane and is harmless than the catalytic heater variety.

5. If you have a small tent, you can always carry a candle lantern as it too does a decent job at heating and keeping you warm and cozy. These heaters are safe to use and also very cheap.

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