How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Camping Sojourn

Camping is one outdoor activity that is catching up very fast among travelers worldwide. And one of the most essential aspects of camping outdoors is a tent. Whether you are car camping or boon-docking, pitching a tent is the most exciting part of campground holidays. So how would you go about choosing the right tent for your camping sojourn this holiday season? Here is the guide that will help you accomplish just this task.

Right Tent for Your Camping Sojourn

Types of Tents

There are a number of tent options available today. From tents that accommodate a single person and his belongings to ones that are for a four or more commonly called base camp tents. The following are the types of base camp tents you can choose from:

Cabin Tents

Cabin style tents have vertical squarish walls with dividers and awnings as options. It is quite large and most suited for spacious living.

Dome Tents

These tents are essentially ones with sloping walls and are suited for camping in windy areas as they are designed to shield from wind.

Sun Shelters

These tents are basically mesh-type screen shelters more useful for day campers. They can be pitched along a beach or over picnic sites. They are well suited for warm climates and shield the inmates from bugs and the sun but not rain and wind.

How much to spend?

Once you have chosen the type of tent to purchase, your next concern might be how far you can go to invest in a tent. The simple answer is you pay for the quality you expect. Here is how you can test the quality of the tent and pick the one that offers you all of these at the best price.


Choose aluminum over fiberglass for its strength and durability. Also choose the variety that has lesser poles.

The Canopy and the Floor

Higher denier fabric is more rugged than the others. Also choose ones with a rainfly rather than roof-only ones


YKK-mark zippers are best quality ones and are very durable

Finally, if camping is an occasional activity then a simple no frills tent would do. But if you are frequent camper then investing in a good quality accessorized tent would prove cost effective in the long run.