Quick Way To Set Up Tent

Do you want to save time in setting up a tent and to spend more time outdoors? Then cot tents are the right option for your outdoor camping.

Whether you are camping outdoors or in urban areas, cot tents will make all the difference.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Because there are no poles to hassle with and no sleeping on hard ground, tent cots are quick and easy to set up and take down.

With its innovative design, Kamp-Rite’s tent cot offers comfort and convenience for outdoor camping. The oversize tent cot is improved with more headroom, padding and many other great features.

The design of the oversize tent cot combines 90 inches length, 32 inches width and 40 inch height, giving you plenty of space to sit up and move about.

The oversize is exclusively designed to accommodate the larger customer. Tent cots assure plenty of ventilation and bug-free sleep for you. [ via ]

2008 Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Camping Tent

The Dual doors and vestibules of this dual camping tent give each person their own entry point. The Lunar duo features more interior room than any other tent in its class and weight.

The side entry of the Lunar duo offers room for oversize doors to ease the exit and entry to the tent. It also features an oversize vestibule that provides lot of extra space for weatherproof storage. [ via ]