Practical And Smart SUV Tent

When you go camping with your family, the most important thing for your well outdoor stay is the tent.

endeavor sportz 80000Nowadays many companies offer all kind of camping tents, but are they really comfortable and secure for camping in the middle of the nature?

If your answer is no, then take a look at the new convenient offer from Endeavor Sportz company. They are suggesting brand new model tent, the Endeavor Sportz 8000 SUV/Minivan Tent.

suv minivan tentThe new generation tent is for all of you, who are tired from spending hours just to fix the tent. SUV tent is flexible and very suitable, because it’s made to be easy to put up and can be moved with no fuss.

The SUV tent is a practical decision and its space is suitable for 4-5 people, who can use it for sleep without any problem. The innovative tent is outfitted with 4 poles and can be set on the cargo space of your car. The SUV tent is produced from quality polyester, it has 2 doors, 3 windows and even special protection.

If you think that’s not enough, then you should know the Camping tent is made with double covered polyethylene ground so to prevent any rip. This way you get flexibility and security in one shot only for $319.95