Fabulous Tree Tents To Enjoy Camping In Forests

Do you like camping in forests but can’t stand wallowing in dirt with bugs and worms? If you love adventuring in thick forest and want to spend some good time, planning the perfect camping trip is very important, particularly the camping tent.

Tree tents camping tent

Tree tents are a great help if you are going camping in forests. Other than tree tents, treepees are another great option.

Being several feet off the ground, these tree tents protect you from wild animals and bugs in the forest and keep you out of reach of unpleasant wet conditions.

Nestled among the branches, above the ground, the tree tent features a nine-foot diameter hardwood floor and groovy round mattress inside.

The innovative appearance and design of the teardrop-shaped tree tent offers enough space for two adults to sleep.

A circular shaped mattress inside the tent creates a comfortable place to spend the night. It offers enough ventilation and protects you from rain and extreme shine. [ via ]

TreePee Camping Tent

Treepee combines the timeless appeal of a tree house with an excitement of aerial suspension and a trampoline to create a whole world of possibilities. The UV protected fabric of the Treepee allows children to play safely.

Treepee also provides great storage options with the pockets and bags inside the tent. Treepee features bug nets which keeps you away from bugs. [ via ]


  1. I love the look of the tree tent. I have been looking for something beautiful and … a little more female, less angular and masculine…

  2. The last time I was camping I was talking to some of the other campers. One told me they had seen these type of tents. Although I was not sure he wasn’t pulling my leg, the more I thought about the more it made sense.

    What a great idea, I think this would be fabulous for the adventure, especially for backpackers. Although those who canoe camp, I think it would be awesome to put one of these tent up over a river.


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