A Truck Plus A Tent Make The Perfect Camping Trip

The Kodiak Tents is a fine company that knows how to make camping life easier and better. In fact this brand is notorious for the goods it has been offering in order to improve any outdoor activity.

Their latest camping suggestion is the Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent. The model is perfect for trucks and gives enough places for full-size beds. It is made with hydra-shield cotton and an innovative breathable system.

Kodiak truck tentThe truck tent is waterproof and easy to set up. It comes with five windows, solid aluminum poles, pockets and a carry bag. The tent is from a brand new generation and it’s made with special clamp-on rail. It is sturdy and easy to maintain.

Kodiak truck tent 02The interior of the truck tent is 5 feet and there is option for even more space. It fits any truck and gives you security. The price of Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent is $425.95.

Kodiak truck tent 01