Some Nonessential Camping Equipment That You Can Well Do Without

Sometimes a product or a gadget may look great in the shop (or in the picture online depending upon how and where you do your shopping), but may prove to be superfluous later.

When it comes to camping products, the unnecessary things will not only be a waste of money, they will also add unnecessary baggage for when you want to be traveling light and compact. Leave these items out of your list of camping essentials:

Portable blender

Many of these come with a hand driven crank; so that you don’t need electricity or batteries. It fits into a picnic table with its vice grip.

But you have to ask yourself why if at all you’re going to need a blender in the days that you will be out camping where the very idea is to enjoy a more back to basics kind of experience.

Pillow with built in speakers

One of the great experiences of being in the wilderness and far from the sounds of civilization is the sound of silence or the night birds chirping, leaves crunching underfoot or the distant coyotes howling depending upon where you are! If you must however have music there, don’t disturb others; use your iPod earphones.

Bumper Dumper or Portable Urinal

For most camping experiences you aren’t likely to want to use one of those hospitals like portable urinals (or Lady J as the contraptions made for women are called).

Also, the toilet seat attached to the car bumper may end up being no use except to be an eyesore. Are you really going to ‘go’ at the back of the car?

The Zippered dog tent

Whoever thought that dogs were going to be able to use zippers! And if you’re going to have to get up and let the dog out in the night anyway, you may as well have him in your own tent with you!

A travel Bar

Even if you cannot lay off the drink for a few days, you surely do not need a drink mixer and special flasks.

Electric Marshmallow Roaster

Why on earth would you want to let go the experience of roasting over a fire!

Outdoor Frier and Outdoor Oven and cooking range

Eating simply using the simplest means available is one of the joys of camping. So give these things a miss and travel light. Where as a simple camping stove would suffice just fine, you don’t need a cooking range and certainly nothing as unhealthy as a frier!