Solar Showers Can Make Camping a More Refreshing Experience

Extended camping trips are among the most adventurous activities you can participate in, but they do sometimes have a downside to them. One of them is that you may not find an opportunity to wash yourself, depending on where you go of course. However, there is a pretty good solution to this with something called a solar shower.

Basically, this is a device that is filled with water and then left out in the sun to heat up. The water can then be used for washing. The apparatus can actually be used at home as well as it’s an ideal way to save on water heating costs.

Solar Shower BagsThe solar shower bags are made out of a tough plastic-type material. One side of the bag is clear and the other side is dark.

The water should be poured into the bag and placed in front of the sun for a few hours to heat it up.

The dark side of the bag will attract and intensify the sun’s heat rays. It should be placed on a stable and flat surface to work the best.

The bags are quite inexpensive, don’t take up much room and are easy to carry when they’re empty. Therefore, the trick is filling the bags up with water at your campsite from a tap or out in the wilderness from a fresh lake or stream.

They weigh less than a pound when they’re empty, but can weigh between 40 and 50 lbs. when full. This type of device is an ideal way of using solar power while out on a camping trip, especially during the cold months. You’ll be able to find both low and high-end solar showers on the market.

The average size for a camping-style solar shower is about five gallons and these can be bought for as low as $10 in some places. The shower bags are equipped with a flexible shower hose as well as an on and off switch. Of course they don’t have to be used strictly for showers. They can also be used for things such as washing dishes.

You need to be careful when using a solar shower as they can get quite hot. The water can actually reach up to about 120 degrees F. It’s extremely important that you test the water to find out how hot it is before you use it on your body.

Some of the units will come with a temperature gauge as well as a side pocket where you can store soap and shampoo etc. The showers can be used time and time again and are actually quite effective for such a simple device.

The high-end solar showers resemble an actual shower and can cost several hundred dollars. This type is often used around swimming pools for swimmers to rinse off the dirt and chlorine. However, they are also pretty handy if you want to buy one to take to a trailer or cottage or anyplace that is used as a fixed camping site.