Mosquito Nets Are Crucial in Some Regions

Mosquito nets are an ideal way for campers to keep the irritating bugs at bay. But not only are mosquitoes pests, they can actually be very deadly in certain situations. If you happen to be camping in a malarial region, then a mosquito net should basically be considered as crucial camping equipment.

Over the years, mosquitoes have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people throughout the world. These insects feed off of human blood and often fly from person to person. When they do this, they are able to spread blood diseases from person to person. These include malaria, Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, and yellow fever.

Mosquito NetsIt’s estimated that about 2 million people die each year due to diseases that were spread to them by mosquitoes. Children and the elderly are especially at risk since their immune systems are usually considerably weaker than most.

The most common form of mosquito protection for campers is bell nets. These are suspended from above and fan out over your sleeping area to provide coverage.

You have to be careful with them because they’re basically useless if you happen to rip them or place a hole in them. All types of mosquito nets that need to be suspended should also come with the necessary hanging kit. All you really need is something to attach them to, such as a cord, hook, or beam.

If you don’t have anywhere to hang a mosquito net from you can purchase a freestanding net. These are similar to tents and can be used by campers just about anywhere. If you’re in the middle of a camping adventure and aren’t really sure where or how you’ll be sleeping you can use a compact mosquito net. These nets can be folded very small and fit into a compression bag. They’re easy to transport and are regular size.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that anybody who is traveling in a malarial zone should take a mosquito net with them and it should be sprayed with a strong type of insecticide that isn’t harmful to humans and the environment. Some types of insecticides are so strong that mosquitoes are killed as soon as they decide to land on top of the net. You’ll find that there are commercial anti-mosquito treatments available to do the trick.

In most areas of the world mosquitoes are generally the most active between sundown and sunrise. This of course, is when most campers sleep. However, you also need to properly protect yourself at all times of the day. The insects will attack humans even when they’re moving and engaged in some type of physical activity. You can buy a mesh head net to help keep them off of your face without impairing your vision.

But even if you’re not travelling in a known malarial region and the bugs aren’t carrying disease, you still want to keep the mosquitoes off of you. In this instance, you can usually get by with a regular mosquito net that hasn’t been covered by an insecticide.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sleeping under the stars or in a cabin or lodge, a mosquito net is a great investment. In addition, they’re also very helpful when hiking. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a net that’s suitable for any type of outdoor activity.