Light My Camping Fire

Do you enjoy fishing, camping, hunting and all those activities, you can have outdoors? If the answer is yes, then you need “Light My Fire Scout FireSteel”.

light my fire scout firesteelBefore thinking this is just another unusual accessory, take a look at this device. Then think about how many times did you tried to light a fire and wasn’t very easy.

In fact it is quite difficult, especially in a cold weather.

Originally Light My Fire is invented for the Swedish Department of Defense, but because it is extremely comfortably and useful, it’s now available for everyone. The purpose of the Scout FireSteel is to provide an easy fire building.

light my fire scout firesteel 1It comes with a striker, made from stainless-steel, which can be stroked on the 1.75 inch rod. As a result, you can easily light tree bark, which wasn’t easy till now.

The set-up is completed with a striker, cord, rod, handle and a fire-starter. The good news is that Light My Fire is made with high standard technology and it comes on the market with the official acceptance and agreement according to the International Survival Instructors Association.