Is Caste Iron Cookware Best For Camping?

caste iron cookwareIn most cases, if you are out on a camping trip, there won’t be a restaurant nearby so you will have to cook and fend for yourself.

Selecting the right cookware will make your task much easier; cast iron is usually the best option.

The main down side is the weight so if you are carrying all your camping equipment on your back then look for something more light weight.

However if you have the luxury of wheels for your camping trip then cast iron is hard to beat. It also has a long reputation dating back from movie westerns where the starring cowboy cooks up beans and bacon over an open fire.

Most skillets or pans are pre-seasoned so only a small amount of cooking oil is required to stop any food sticking and becoming difficult to clean.

Here lies the advantage of cast iron when used in camping in that it does not appreciate any cleaning products or heavy scouring. Instead, use a nylon brush and simple hot water, then wipe dry and re-season lightly with oil.

Price wise cast iron cookware should be seen as an investment, which is likely to last more than a lifetime. In the home kitchen, modern aluminum pot and pans will have a wider appeal but for camping similar equipment must stand up to lots of wear and tear.

For the campfire cooking, you only really need three pieces of cookware. A saucepan for soups and stews, a griddle of about twelve inches, being an ideal size and a similarly proportioned skillet.