How Is the Camping Knife Beneficial?

Choosing a right camping knife is more than an exercise. It has so many uses, not only for cutting trees or branches, but also for cooking, setting up the tent, other usage in camping area and also for protection.

camping knifeMost often, camping knife is a utility knife. You can use it as a can opener, scissors, tweezers, and more. If you want a good camping knife, better to choose a swiss army knife, but it is very expensive.

If you need to do lot of whittling or cutting, then don’t buy swiss army knife. Instead buy a hunting knife. Along with this, buy a special sharpening stone to sharpen the knife.

Camping knife for general needs:

You can use it for cutting the trees, branches, bushes, wood for campfire, canvas, etc.

Knives for these purposes should be very durable and the blade should be black, non-reflective, made from stainless steel and oxidized. Knife can be used in setting up the camping area to insert the tent.

Camping knives for protection:

While going for camping in deep forests for few days, don’t leave your house without a camping knife as it helps to protect against burglars and also from wildlife.

It is very helpful if you are not carrying the weapons like axes, saws, and rifles. The knife should be sharp and effectively used for protection purposes.

Camping knife for cooking:

One of the best uses of camping knife is cooking. It is used to chop meat and veggies. For swiss army knives, there is a can opener that can be very helpful for cooking.