Fun And Easy Cooking With Coleman Grill

A reliable grill is what you need to make your outdoor activities fun and relaxing. Through the years, Coleman has made its mark as the best manufacturer of all your camping needs. The Coleman grill is a must-have for every adventurer and outdoor enthusiast out there.

The Coleman grill line gives you a number of portable, lightweight, yet durable grills that are perfect for any outdoor activity.

You can even easily bring them with you during camping or when you travel. Each Coleman grill comes in an easy to hold and have simple features that make outdoor cooking and grilling a breeze. Some of the models in the Coleman grill line are:

  1. Fold N Go Grill
  2. Fold N Go Insta Grill
  3. Road Trip Portable Table Top Grill Stand
  4. Road Trip Portable Table Top Grill
  5. Road Trip Pro SS Grill
  6. Road Trip LXE Grill
  7. Road Trip LE Grill
  8. PerfectFlow Propane Camp Grill

The Coleman grill selection is not only portable, but is also very tough and will last you decades of memorable outdoor activities and lots of fun cooking and grilling. In addition, they also have a quality selection of Coleman grill accessories such as the following:

  • Coleman Grill Road Trip Wheeled Carry Case, which is built with heavy duty construction and easy-glide wheels to maximize efficiency and portability. The carry case fits all propane Road Trip grills. It is also equipped with inner pockets where you can put other accessories, and inner straps to further secure the grill during transport.
  • Coleman Grill Road Trip Aluminum Griddle is made from cast aluminum and nonstick coating which allows for easy, evenly-cooked dishes. This is compatible with the Coleman Grill Road Trip 9941 and 9928 models.
  • The Road Trip Grill Light uses a 1 watt LED, which lasts a very long time and can fit on all Road Trip Grills. It is constructed with a weather resistant chrome plated steel arm, and operates on 3 AAA batteries. This is a very handy accessory for nighttime grilling.
  • The Green Key tool is a simple plastic device that releases any remaining fumes for use on the propane grills.
  • The Road Trip Accessory Stove Grate can be used with any other Road Trip grill, grate, or griddle for tailgating. It’s constructed out of chrome-plated steel wire, ideal for boiling, simmering, and cooking vegetables and liquids. Its portability makes it perfect for cooking up an endless number of dishes.
  • Coleman Grill Fold N Go Griddle has a space of 100 square inches and is made with non stick coated die cast aluminum, which makes cleaning up an easy task. It is also interchangeable with the Fold N Go Accessory Stove Grate.
  • Fold N Go Grill-Stove Grate can also be used as a stove, constructed from nickel plated steel.
  • Coleman Grill Road Trip Grill Cover is made entirely out of heavy duty material which protects your grill from outdoor elements. The versatile size allows you to use it on any propane Road Trip grill, with adjustable straps which will definitely come in handy when you grill during windy conditions.