Essentials For Camp Cooking

camp cookingNo one expects 5 star dining when they are on a camping trip but the gang must be fed and having the proper equipment along can make food preparation easier.

Here are some suggestions about what to bring along to make camping meal time easier.

Cooking and Eating

Choose utensils that are light yet tough. Most titanium alloy designs are perfect for digging into the camp chow once it’s cooked.

Typical camp utensils are held together with a clip so that your knife, spoon and fork stay together so there is no scrambling to find each individual piece each time you are unpacking the camp kitchen.

A collapsible bucket may come in handy too. It is easily stored and can hold water or other types of liquid needed when cooking. When you are done with it, rinse it out, collapse and store with the rest of your cooking gear.

You may want to consider a picnic rug or mat that store in its own case. This will allow you to sit down and have a meal anywhere without worrying about a table or a clean surface in the outdoors. You’ll be ready to munch as soon as you lay out your waterproof picnic rug or mat.

You’ll need plates to serve your camp fare and a set of stainless plates is the perfect item for eating in the rough. They are easy to wash and clean and are stackable and use little space when they are stored. Ready made meals in a pouch make camp cooking a breeze.

They can usually be boiled and eaten straight from the bag or you can empty them into a camp pot to heat and eat them that way. You can find a number of brands and manufacturers that produce camp food whether dehydrated or not that are so tasty you will be surprised they came out of a bag.

A good travel mug will hold you in good stead. You may want one with a cover so that you can carry it during a hike and not worry about spillage. Camp cups come in a variety of sizes and styles and every good camper should have one of their own.

Packing up the cooking gear shouldn’t be hard and there are plenty of bags that are made to hold the gear for the chow so that everything is altogether so you don’t have to go rooting around at the campsite when it is time to prepare a meal.