Camping Equipment for Dogs – A Checklist For You

So you have packed up all the necessary items for your camping trip and your pet is going to accompany you too on this trip. Well, have you packed up all things that your pet dog will be needing at the camp? Just like you, your dog will also be moving away from the home and so it is necessary for you to carry all that it will require with you on the camping.

Camping Equipment for Dogs

Here is a checklist of all items you should take with you for going to camp with your dog.

1. If your dog already has an identification tag on its collar then check that all details on it are proper or are updated. You may also look for a microchip fitted collar for your dog. This is to track him down in case he wanders off alone.

2. In the first aid kit that you will be taking with you on the camp, include some items specifically for your dog in case it is required at the camp. You may include a vet wrap for an emergency when your dog is injured. These are bandages and do not pull out the fur of your pets.

3. Carry a good leash with you to keep the dog at your side during your hikes near the camping site.

4. Carry a muzzle for your dog as there will be total strangers at the camp, and your dog just might snap at them. Also the muzzle will prevent the dog from eating whatever new thing it comes across and thus prevent from getting any infection.

5. Take a kennel or makeshift fences to keep your dog safe at night. If you are not carrying either then take a stake that can be driven into the ground and a leash that can be tethered to this stake to keep your dog from wandering off in search of strange noises when you are asleep. You may even consider keeping your dog with you in your tent.

6. Carry the dog’s bedding with a plastic to be kept below it, to keep away moisture from the soil seeping into the dogs bedding.

7. It might get very chilly in the open during the night. So, carrying a jacket or a t-shirt for protecting your dog would be a good idea.

8. While walking around, your dog might injure its paws. Therefore, take 4 old socks or doggy paw shoes to prevent injury to your dog.