5 Fun And Odd Camping Gadgets You Have Not Heard Of

It can be really difficult to keep up with the times the accessories and the electronic gadgets much less keep up with all the new and odd camping gadgets that are on the market today.

There are fun gadgets that you would never think up and never expect to find.

We have researched and reviewed a few of these gadgets that we think you might like if you have the extra money laying around.

Locator BeaconEver heard of the Personal Locator Beacon? Picture a GPS on your body. For your person. Just like a GPS on your dashboard in your car the Personal Locator Beacon is a GPS for your person. Helpful for when you get lost in the woods.

Also helpful for when you want to program in the coordinates of exactly where you are because you will want to return to that exact place at some time in your camping trip.

If you are a drinker and like to partake in the occasional beer while camping, this next gadget is a definite must-have for you. The Tote A Keg Portable Draught System is basically a portable keg.

You no longer have to worry about packing enough ice to keep all your beer cold and bringing extra ice to replace that original ice with because now you can have the Tote A Keg Portable Draught System.

digital laser rangeMaybe you already have a pair of binoculars, but chances are you have nothing close to this pair of binoculars. The RXB-IV Digital Laser Range Finding Binoculars are basically super powered binoculars.

The Digital Laser Range can magnify up to nine times and even come complete with a built in inclinometer. And get this, the Digital Laser Range also has the ability to bounce the laser off the object you are looking at and will even tell you how far away that object is.

Coffee drinker? If you are a coffee drinker you know how important it is to have your morning cup of coffee while you are camping. A company called Coleman makes a coffee pot that works without electricity.

You put the coffee pot on a camping stove (preferably two burner) and in minutes you will have your morning cup o’ Joe.

IphoneIf you have an iPhone this section will interest you. There are iPhone apps for campers: TrailBehind, Park Maps, Accuweather, Flashlight and Anti Mosquito. There are eight iPhone applications total that you need to have if you are an iPhone owner.