5 Best Camping Products to Acquire

Camping is an outdoor activity that is fast catching up and if you are the one to indulge in camping the traditional way, then here is the list of best camping products you must acquire

1. GSI Cookware

GSI Cookware

GSI outdoors has come out with a premium cookware range exclusively for campers. This compact camping gear is perfect to cook up a storm in the forest for a regular family or a small group. The high quality cook set comes in a set of 4 cooking utensils along with 4 mugs, bowls and plates. Everything is dual purpose and the pots and pans come with a color-coded lids and interchangeable handles. Going by the size of this pack, the cook set is ideal for car camping but not backpacking.

2. Summit Packs from Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx Cierzo 25 is a summit pack that beats everything else in its genre. Summit pack is essentially a backpack tailor-made for mountaineers who are supposed to leave their heavy packs at the base before making the ascent. What makes this simple looking backpack special is the ultra light weight material which adds up to a total bag weight of no more than 15 ounces. The top pocket contains a 25 liter capacity reservoir and the rest of the bag is enough to pack in everything you would need to the peak and back.

3. Docking Station from the North Face

Docking Station from the North Face

This office sized tent can accommodate all your camping gear and still seem roomy enough. It is made of light weight material that bundles up into a super compact size to fit easily into your car. And to top it all, it comes with the North Face tag.

4. Jetboil Stove and Pot

Jetboil Stove and Pot

Deemed as one of the best and most efficient cooking equipments for campers, Jetboil has come up with its premium version. The model is as light as 8.5 ounces and gets water bubbling in less than 2 minutes. The stove comes with its own cooking vessel and a bowl too.

5. Coleman’s Grill Stove


With camping becoming a popular activity among urban population, campground facilitates are also on the decline, especially the grills. Hence it makes sense to bring your own grill stove. Now when buying one, you would want it to be small and light enough to fit into the boot of your car. Plus you want it to be maintenance friendly. Coleman’s PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill Stove is the perfect stove which fulfils all these requirements. Equipped with a built in igniter, wind screens and a drip tray, the grill is best for all needs.