Planning Camping In Europe – Consider These Must Haves Before Making A Move

These days Europe has become one of the hottest destinations for campers. But camping abroad, especially in Europe, with a car or caravan is not that easy as the vehicle laws here differ from one country to another.

So, when you decide upon Europe as your camping destination, you first need to make yourself familiar to the various rules and regulations of the specific country you will be going to.

Though many of the vehicle laws remain almost the same, there are few countries in which the driving is done on the right side of the road and a few which have left side driving.

Also some countries like France and few alike will require leaving a space of about 50 m between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

Prior to these vehicle driving laws there are some primary requirements which are solicited by almost all the countries in Europe. These include:

Driving License and other necessary documents: Driving license and an internal driving permit are the two most important documents which you ought not to forget. This is required irrespective of which part of Europe you are traveling to.

It is also recommended that you upgrade these with the latest photo of yourself to make the process more easily going. With these two, you will also need to have an adequate copy or original of your medical insurance documents.

The necessary documents being covered, you should start considering the important things which your driving kit should have.

The first must have in your driving kit is a reflective high-visibility jacket. This is a requirement on almost all the European countries and it is required as there may be some instances where you may have to work on your vehicle while on the road. Some countries may also require a warning triangle to be present in your kit. So make sure you are carrying these.

The other things which you are required to include in your camping driving are a tool kit and a first aid kit (which are compulsory for some countries).

Also a fire extinguisher, spare bulbs, Euro plates or GB stickers are the things which you need to remember when getting your camping trip ready. In case you have decided to go out for camping in winter, you may also require having chains on the wheels of your car to prevent gliding on the snow.

In case you are carrying your pets, make sure that you get them checked by the vet 48 hours prior before you depart to Europe.

And also, don’t forget to collect the information about various tourist departments in these countries as these will be your “guiding lanterns” to make you aware of the specific laws in the country you are planning your camping trip.