Make Sure To Pack Camping Essentials

packing camping equipmentCamping is very popular and fun but it’s always better to be well prepared for any trip you take. Whatever the time of year good waterproofs are a must, along with strong footwear.

A complete spare set of clothes is worth taking and some extra pairs of socks.

A basic first aid kit should include antiseptic cream, band aids, gauze and a bandage.

Take easy to swallow pain relief tablets and insect repellent because camp site notoriously attract annoying visitors.

Only take a mobile phone if you are able to charge it and even then take small change in case you need to use a public telephone. Before you pack, be sure to write out a thorough checklist.

All camping equipment should be sturdy, avoid gimmicky gadgets they are often a waste of money and very unreliable. For example, multifunction pen knifes sound good but what’s the point of a bottle opener if you’re never going to use it.

If your camping trip involves cooking in the great outdoors, invest in easy to assemble and compact cookware. Take a stove that is easy to light and a tin opener that won’t let you down. Don’t forget cutlery, you might be able to improvise, but it’s easier not to.

Although a compass seems straightforward, if you have no sense of directions it’s useless. Potentially its misuse can cause more problems than not having it at all.

Reading maps is also a skill that does come naturally to some people. Take advice or make sure someone in your camping group is competent.