Know The Basic Camping Checklist For Pets

When going out on a camping trip with pets, remember to have a checklist of things you will require for your pet. The checklist may include medical and safety related things, or food or even as simple as play things for your pet.

Camping Checklist For Pets

Here is a list of things to prepare your camping checklist for pets. Add or delete items to this checklist, depending on which pet you are taking with you to camp.

First Aid or Medical Related

  • Number of a vet in the area that you are going to call in emergency.
  • Medical records of your pet
  • An anti-bug spray to relieve your pets coat from bugs.
  • A first aid kit for your pet. Consult your vet for what should be included.
  • A good pair of tweezers to take out ticks or leas from the pet’s coat.
  • Tick or flea repellent.

Food and Nourishment Related

  • Canned food for the pet to last out the entire trip.
  • Can opener.
  • Dog and cat cookies
  • A bowl to serve the food to your pet.
  • Another bowl to serve water to your pet.
  • Lots of water if you are not sure that it will be available at the place you are going camping.
  • Water bottles to carry water for the dogs when you are going hiking.


Shelter and Safety Related

  • A portable fence if your pet is a small dog
  • A leash ( keep an extra one)
  • A stake to drive into the ground so you could tie the leash to it.
  • A collar with glow tags on it to track down your pet at night.( pack an extra one too)
  • A tent or a cage.
  • Comfortable bedding for your pet to sleep on and blanket to cover in case it gets too cold at night.
  • Shoes or boots for your dog. Hiking may require your dog’s paw to be clothed too.
  • Life jacket.
  • Muzzle for your dog. ( to be used as and when required)

Other Things Related to General and Play

  • Soft chewy toys for your pet.
  • A ball
  • Frisbee
  • Plastic bags to scoop up your pet’s poop.
  • A dust pan to pick up poop.
  • A bucket with a lid to put the poop in before disposal.
  • A washcloth to cool down your pet.
  • A towel to dry the coat or fur of your pet.
  • Dog whistle

The above checklist will keep you prepared for camping out with your pet