Before You Go Camping Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

backpacking1The International motto of the Boy Scout movement is, be prepared, and campers should take heed of those words.

Often the success of a camping trip depends on thorough research and lots of careful planning.

The foundation of this is an extensive camping check list, covering every single item you will every likely to need.

Keep it stored on your computer, adding to it as you find out new necessities for your vacation.

Before you embark on the journey, make sure every box is ticked and that nothing is forgotten. It may seem a bit extreme but certain items if left behind will make your dream of camping under the stars more of a misery.

Find out as much as you can about your intended destination, the internet is a great resource but the library will also be useful. Obtain weather forecasts just in case major storms are brewing and a few days delay may avoid them.

Do not rely on modern technology, as often cell reception can be non-existent and a battery pack is useless without a power source. Look out for certain items that work by being wound up, for example, radios and torches.

A basic first aid kit is essential, as is the necessary repellant against the various insects you will meet along the way. Do not underestimate the affect of constant attack from airborne creatures; it will have a bad affect on morale.

Always let someone know where you will be located just in case of an emergency. All the preparation will be well worth it while you are having your vacation in the great outdoors.