Safe Rafting In Colorado White Waters

white water raftingWith improvements in safety systems and a general agreed industry standards has meant that white water rafting is now possible for all levels of adventurers from the novice to the experienced professional.

It is still a sport with an element of risk but serious incidents occur very rarely.

In 2005 out of half a million commercial rafters in the state of Colorado, only three fatalities occurred. There are certain steps that can be taken to avoid unnecessary risks when having fun while white river rafting.

There are more than seventy Colorado companies so be sure to know how safety conscious the one you choose is going to be.

If possible get a recommendation from a friend, but failing that, look for safety training certificates, its past record and know how experienced they actually are.

Rapids are classed by levels from I through to VI, the former is the mildest and the latter is deemed as having serious risks and almost impossible to master.

Not surprisingly the very highest rated are not commercially rafted. Class IV and V are only allowed for very experienced people with plenty of confidence.

For families and individuals who have never rafted before, most commercial companies use rapids at level I to III. A reliable company will have experienced staff which is essential.

It is important to appreciate that however good any guides are that ultimately you and your family will be paddling through rapids. Nothing will actually be done for you.

From a science point of view levels of water affect the type of white water rafting experience you will have. This is measured by CFS, cubic feet per second, so the more CFS the faster the water will move.

Paddling in water that is very high does not necessarily mean a greater degree of difficulty, so it is better to be guided by what you are advised.

Good quality white water rafting is possible through the whole of the summer. Many rivers work on a program where water is released from a nearby dam to meet the needs of recreation and agriculture.

There are many places all over the United States and Canada where river rafting can be done, it is great fun for the whole family and the excitement is hard to beat.

Combining it with a camping trip is perfect as there are many campgrounds by rivers meaning you get a complete experience of the great outdoors and nature in all its glory.