6 Offbeat White-Water Rafting Places in Asia

Rafting is a recreational outdoor water activity in which an inflatable boat/ raft is used to navigate through the river or the respective water body. White water rafting is a segment of rafting marked by appearance of white water/ foam on the top of the river. The white water is formed in the rapids, i.e. when the river’s/ water body’s gradient increases and causes turbulence enough to push the air into the water; to form those bubbles and aerations in the current.

There are many white water rafting location in Asia which many have explored. Listed below are 6 offbeat white-water rafting places in Asia:

offbeat white water rafting

1. Sun Kosi River, Nepal

The Sun Kosi is one of the highest peaks in the world and it has the feel of Himalayan majesty to it. The spot rises near the Tibetan border and is a great white water rafting location. Many class V rapids that abound the area as the river thunders through and against the forested canyons and narrow gorges in the region. It is one of the most offbeat and brilliant places for river rafting in Asia.

2. Ganges River, India

The Rishikesh region of India explores the white water rafting possibilities in the Ganges River. One of the holiest rivers in Hindu mythology, the Ganges at this particular spot is known for the extremely exciting water recreational avenues. Many campers also prefer this site for its sheer serenity and peace.

3. Karnali River, Nepal

The rapids of the Karnali River along with quite many of the beautiful canyons that Nepal boasts of make this particular white water rating journey a memorable for most visitors. The rapids are especially demanding and hence more fun/ exciting after the monsoon rains in the region. Some of the narrow canyons have a higher flow of water which also leads to more frequent rapids. All in all, this location provides with a balance of demanding and straightforward rafting routes.

4. Yangtze River, China

About a 120 mile of the Great bend stretch of Yangtze river in China is used for white water rafting. At the Great Bend the river makes a hairpin turn all through the ten thousand feet deep gorge. Numerous class IV rapids frequent this stretch and make for an extremely fun, offbeat and wave-y white water rafting site.

5. The Marshyangdi River, Nepal

Also known as the “Raging River”, the Marshyangdi drains off the Annapurna Mountain’s northern slope. The location makes for a spectacular white water rafting adventure which is both exciting and challenging; and must not be underestimated. The spot is not for the faint hearted and can be championed only with complete dedication and commitment.

6. Pai River, Thailand

The Himalayas are known for the majesty every visitor gets to witness. The Pai River, located at the foothill of these mountains offers the best of the majestic feel and the experience of rafting. The rapids hitting the complete stretch of 110 miles or 180 km of the river vary from Class I to V.