Tips To Backflip During Snowboarding

Snowboarding tricks like 360 degrees, front flip and backflip looks daring and the audience love these variations in the sport. To backflip, you require guts and that is so because most times a person who is starting out with backflips will land on the head. That is nothing to be discouraged about, as this is a normal happening. Once you master the technique, you will be able to land on your feet each time, but that will require single minded dedication and lots of practice.

Tips To Backflip During Snowboarding

Follow the below tips for a backflip experience that defies any challenge:

1. Before starting to backflip make sure you are safe. This is the most important part of the whole exercise. Buy protective gear like a sturdy helmet with faceguard, goggles, wrist guard, leg guard, and kneepads.

2. The best idea would be to learn the backflip on a trampoline or a soft slushy ground like the fresh snow. Try to learn when the fresh snow is slushy, during late afternoon. This will make you safe for the flip.

3. Ensure that the area that you will take off from and the one where you will land, are both soft and have no jutting rocky projections or debris that might injure you.

4. Ensure that your bindings on the board are tightly secured before the flip. Also your board should be waxed to a speed that is moderate. Too high a speed will make you lose control and too less will not give you required acceleration for the flip.

5. Start speeding towards your take off point and as you reach it bend your knees and stay low, all the while maintaining your speed at constant to make it appropriate for landing, as well as maintaining your balance on the board.

6. Once you reach the end of the take-off lip, start off with the vertical spin by suddenly popping up your legs and extending your body.

7. Keep your head back so that you can keep an eye on your own rotation. Gauge how much more spin will be required to land at your feet at the landing place. If you feel that the spin should be faster then pull your body close together. On the other hand, if you want to slow your spin then you will need to stretch out your body as if you are standing.

8. As you are about to land brace yourself for the impact. Land flat on the board keeping it level and exerting more weight on the back of the board.

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