How To Make Magic Around The Campfire?

magic campfireSitting around a crackling, toasty campfire while you listen to the insects serenade you, is usually the highlight of the day for most campers.

The whole gang is gathered round together and stories and songs seem to flow easy.

Once the embers begin to wane and there is more ash than there is a fire, tired campers reluctantly step away and head to their tents for a peaceful nights slumber.

Here are some ideas for you to make the time you spend in front of the campfire something special; something memorable for all.

Having a plan is a key factor when trying to bring magic to your campfire

  • The type of fire you make is vital to the success of your evening. The fire needs to start quickly, burn slowly yet bright, and when all is said and done, spent ashes appear to give the cue it is time for bed. A teepee fire is ideal for a magical night around the campfire.
  • If you are starting a new fire and not using the one for which you used for cooking dinner then the lighting of the campfire can be ceremonial. Have everyone sit in a circle and make a short relevant speech, or you can go around the circle and have each participant say a few words about what a campfire means to them. [Campfire Cooking]
  • Make sure you have the ingredients for snacking at hand. You may want to roast wieners or marshmallows, prepare popcorn or make yummy Smores. You will need long, unseasoned sticks if you will be roasting and a kettle with a tight lid if you decide upon popping corn.

What about entertainment?

You might want to plan some entertainment such as a comedy skit, having one of the campers that know how to play an instrument, and have a list of songs to sing along.

Include a sheet with the lyrics of the songs so each participant has no reason not to join in the fun.

For telling ghost stories, make sure you have a few of your own ideas to get things started. You can find plenty of material for this on the internet.

Making an evening round the campfire a huge success can have your camping group looking forward to twilight and the gloaming.

Have your essentials for building a campfire ready, a plan of attack and get the fire burning so that your group can start to make magic!