6 Quick and Easy Campfire Cooking Tips

The last thing, usually a camper wants to do at the end of the day is cooking and cleaning. Campfire cooking can produce tasty food or it can be a disaster also.

Generally campfire cooking is difficult. To begin cooking, it can be very difficult to start a fire. You can also use direct heat of coals to cook food without the use of dishes or other equipment. Some foods get great taste when cooked directly on hot coals.

campfire cooking tips

Here are some campfire cooking tips to make your campfire cooking quick and easy.

1. Complete as much preliminary work before leaving your home as possible

One of the basic campfire cooking tips is to chop the onions, peppers and other vegetables before leaving your home so that you need less time in campfire cooking.

Carry them in plastic bag in a cooler; take only the appropriate proportions as you need. If you do this, you do not need to bring the chef’s knife and other chopping tools.

2. Get aluminum foils rather than pans and pots

Pans and pots occupy more space. Use aluminum foils instead. The biggest advantage is that they do not need cleaning. Just ensure that you take long sticks or tongs to take out the foil packets from hot campfire.

You can make variety of recipes in foil. To get more ideas, you can search online for camping recipes using foil.

3. Use canned potatoes

Use potatoes in most of the campfire cooking recipes because they are less expensive, make you feel full and give carbohydrate energy.

4. Use liquid egg substitutes

Bacon and eggs are a routine camping breakfast. They provide enough proteins to perform the remaining activities of the day. So, instead of carrying fragile eggs, carry liquid egg substitutes.

5. Use pie irons

Use pie irons for campfire cooking. You will find pie irons in two forms such as cast iron and aluminum. It is easy to carry aluminum pie irons, as they are lightweight and easy to use and store. Teflon coated pie irons are easy to clean

Cast iron pie irons can also be good for campfire cooking. These pie irons can easily distribute the heat. The only drawback is that they weigh heavily.

You can find pie irons in various shapes such as square and rounded edge. Select the design that suits you. It is very useful if you take both the shapes. Pie irons are easy to use. Even your children can also use them easily.

6. Use dutch ovens

Last but not the least campfire cooking tip is to use dutch ovens for cooking. It is a great item to include in your camping list and is useful to make roasts, stews, or soups over a campfire. You can also make cake in a dutch oven.