10 Best Snow Adventures for Winter 2013

Let the snow clad exteriors of winter not deter you from exploring the outdoors. The number of adventurous activities that winter brings with it will put the summer activities to shame. Here are 10 best snow adventure breaks we have lined up for you this winter:

1. Dog sledging, Alaska

Dog sledging, Alaska

Seward is the best place in Alaska to experience Dog Sledging. This is a 16-mile drive extending from the Resurrection river Valley right up to the Exit Glacier that is located on the foothills of the Kenai Mountain range.

2. Olympic Sports, New York

Olympic Sports, New York

The venue being Lake Placid, this is the winter hotspot for all sports lovers. The Olympic Sports complex draws hardcore sportspersons, as this is the right place for them to train under the veterans who share their expertise at special winter courses. Many Olympians can be seen practicing their skiing and other skills on the international standard tracks here.

3. Igloo Building, British Columbia

Igloo Building, British Columbia

West Coast Adventures organizes special Inuit style camping. Under the guidance of expert hands, you can learn how to collect and cut ice blocks and prepare the snow to assemble an igloo all by yourself.

4. Waterfall Climbing, Colorado

Waterfall Climbing, Colorado

The Ouray Ice Park in San Juan Mountains of Colorado freezes during winter and forms a perfect spot for climbing the Uncompahgre Gorge walls. You can scale from 40 to 200 feet according to your risk appetite. The guides here supply all amenities for the climbing including harnesses, axes, crampons and of course the instructions.

5. Hut Touring, Quebec

Hut Touring, Quebec

This is a part of the famous Appalachian Trail and weaves through the McGerrigle and Chic-Chocs Mountains. Hut touring during winter months in Quebec is a special activity that will give you the feel of adventure. You can practice snow shoeing and skiing by the day and stay cozy in the wood-heated huts by the night.

6. Snowboarding, Colorado

Snowboarding, Colorado

Snowboarding is one of the most popular recreation activities during winter next only to skiing. Copper Mountain in Colorado is a splendid spot to try out other winter activities like Snowflex ramps, giant foam pits and terrain paths that will let you hone your skills to get ready for the real snow experience.

7. Snowkiting, Vermont

Snowkiting, Vermont

The best place for this winter activity is Lake Champlain in Vermont. The wide-open snow-covered expanse helps harness the power of chilly winds and helps you try this unique activity called snowkiting.

8. Wild Skating, Montana

Wild Skating, Montana

Ice skating is common but wild skating is for the adventurous. Here the natural frozen water bodies are chalked out for the purpose. Canyon Ferry lake in Montana is the best place to try out wild skating. The lake provides smooth, black ice with a slick surface for wild skating experience.

9. Snow Shoeing, California

Snow Shoeing, California

Located on the western shoreline of Lake Tahoe, the Squaw Valley ski resort is the best place to head to for snowshoeing. This activity is loved by all, as it gives you the opportunity to experience powdery snow without actually having to ski.

10. Ice Fishing, Wisconsin

Ice Fishing, Wisconsin

If adventurous activities are not your cup of tea, there is still enough chance for you to enjoy the winter. Fishing in the ice waters of enormous lakes is an activity that is far from dangerous but will thrill you enough and more. Rhinelander in Wisconsin is World’s Ice Fishing Capital that has played host to International Ice Fishing Championships. Choose a right guide service that will provide you with all the gear required to enjoy this activity without any hiccups.