Your First Camping Trip

If you are a new family embarking on your first camping trip you are probably filled with a mixture of emotions; excitement, of course, but also perhaps some anxiety about packing everything and getting it all in the car; losing children during outdoor activities or not having the right gear for the right activity when you get there. And that’s just naming a few. To ensure that your trip goes without a hitch, read through this helpful guide to your first camping trip.


Kit Up

Make sure that you have the right kit for everyone if you are planning on participating in outdoor activities. There is nothing more miserable than being made to hike without the appropriate boots or rock climbing in slippy shoes. Check out a specialist outdoor retailer either online like  E-Outdoor or on the high street to get a wide range of options for all the family. It is additional expense but it will be worth it to minimize whinging and moaning about discomfort when you’re out and about. Oh and on that note, bed everything in well for a few weeks before you go to ensure a blister free trip.

Pack Well

Write a list of what you are planning to take for each person in the family. Start by double checking that everyone has enough of the basics such as underwear, socks and base layers. Next, check that everyone has the right outdoor clothing and that no one has been missed out. Is anyone going to do anything that requires a different set of clothes, perhaps you and your partner might hire a babysitter to go for a few drinks in the local pub? This might require something other than hiking boots and waterproof jackets. Use this helpful checklist to make sure that you have everything you might need from torches to sunglasses.


Accept that the getting to the venue may be a bit stressful and simply ride it out. Everything will fit in the car and if you arrange it the night before then there is even less stress. The trip might be a bit fraught with ‘are we there yets’ and ‘I need the toilets’ but when you get to your site and get set up, you know there is no feeling like sleeping under the stars and romping across the fields. The children will feed of your excitement and a happy trip will be had by all. Enjoy!