Winter Outing – Beware of Hypothermia

In case you are going for winter hiking in the weekend, there are a few things you should know about the hypothermia. The most important thing is to stay dry and keep your clothes from getting wet.

Brush off the snow and be careful, especially with your feet. If they are wet, chances of getting hypothermia are high.

winter camping

Getting too warm is also not recommended, because you will start to sweat. You should wear layering clothes and try not to sweat too much. Avoid the cotton fabrics, because they will keep you too warm. Try polyphone or polyester instead.

These are fabrics that will keep moisture away from your skin. Silk is also a good fabric, so get silk underwear.

Make sure your head and hands are warm. These are the weakest areas of your body and they lose a lot of heat. Don’t forget to wear gloves and a hat.

winter camping safety

The ears also should be kept warm and dry, because they can get irritated from the cold very easily.

Another measure against the hypothermia is to choose equipment that is water resistant, but make sure it doesn’t warm your body too much. Drink more water and hydrate yourself more often.