While Camping, You Can Still Have Your Coffee And Drink It Too!

teaMany people when preparing for a camping trip assume they are going to have to give up a few luxuries and vices for the following few days. This is not the case. I know I love my coffee.

In fact you probably don’t want to be around me until I have had my coffee.

For years I was camping without it and I finally came across some very seasoned camping friends who told me about this awesome and natural way to make coffee while camping.

For this home-made coffee at a campground-you-are-still-roughing-it-because you are making it over the campfire recipe you will need ground coffee, dental floss and a cheesecloth and your campfire over the fire pot.

Put the amount of coffee you require into the cheesecloth and tie the cheesecloth with the dental floss. When you are putting the coffee into the cheesecloth you will need to make sure the cheesecloth is big enough to be tied up with dental floss.

Additionally, make sure it is tied quite securely or you will end up with coffee grinds in your coffee. That would completely defeat the purpose of having your morning coffee while camping!

Place the cheesecloth tied with dental floss and full of coffee grinds into water in your campfire pot. Put the campfire pot over the campfire and bring this to a boil or when steam rises from the pot it is also done.

Preparation time for this homemade do-it-yourself campground coffee is approximately 15-20 minutes or however long it takes you to boil the water.

Another luxury with this homemade coffee while camping is that you can also make tea this way. Simply place 3 tea bags in a pot of water. Have the string and label of the tea bag hanging off to the side of the pot. Place the pot with the tea bags in it over an open flame, or over your stove if you have one.

Bring to a boil or until the water starts steaming. The longer you let the tea bags seep the stronger your tea will be. You may also want to add sugar to the finished product. You can add ice from your cooler as well to make this sweetened iced tea.