When To Take A Canoe And When Not To

If you know you’re going to be camping at just one specific campsite on your trip, then you might want to save a lot of time and effort by looking for a site that provides canoes.

This means you don’t have to worry about attaching the canoe to your vehicle or towing up to the camping ground. When you make it to your campsite the canoe(s) will be sitting there ready for you.

When you have finished the camping trip, you can just leave the canoes at the site and the campground crew will pick them up and take them away. This allows you to travel a little more freely as you don’t have to drag a canoe around with you.

However, if you are just going to wing it on your camping trip and decide to stop and pitch your tent wherever you feel like it, then you should do the opposite and take the canoe with you. This gives you the freedom and opportunity to stop and camp anywhere that you find a suitable site and/or canoeing area.

Photo Credit: ET’s Photo Home

When traveling with a canoe, make sure it’s secured safely and check it every time you stop for gas or a break on your way to the campsite.