Weird Camping Trends for Outbeat Camping Fans

In case you are experienced camper you might think that there is nothing new that this activity could bring to you. However, there might be some things that will shock you. If you are into “extreme” experiences, there are a few for you to try the year to come.

Weird Camping Trends for Outbeat Camping Fans

Camping in Heels

Camping in Heels

It is a known fact that people need the right gear for camping. However, when it comes to glamping, women might not want to give up their most precious accessories: their heels. No matter how dangerous this sounds, you can be sure that there are hundreds of people doing it.

Naked Hiking

Although you might not be a fan of nudism, this may be an experience for you to try. The truth is that there aren’t many campsites offering the possibility of naked hiking, but there are a few naturist ones that you should give a shot.

Red Room in a Yurt

If you read the book “50 shades of grey”, most probably you know what we are talking about. There are some rumors of camping of this kind, but the truth is that nobody accepts to talk about it openly. This means that you can never know what’s going on in the yurt besides yours.

On the Roof

Hotel roof camping is one of the hottest trends of the moment especially in Boston and New York. Although the entire idea may seem appealing to you, you should know that the majority of the hotel owners have been trying to keep the rumors regarding air pollution and noise pollution under the rug.

Aggressive Animals

As crazy as this may sound, there are some campsites that are said to place willingly aggressive animals into the tents of people. Although in some countries this isn’t a major problem, for sure you wouldn’t like to wake up next to an alligator.

Piece of Art

There is a campsite near Amsterdam where people can enjoy pieces of art and even spend some time in them. This means that you could sleep in a suspended dome, wooden cube, or a camper that can fold out to turn into a garden. The campsite is located in a forest and it usually closes for the winter in October.

As you can see, there is a lot that you may have missed out on while you have been camping in the traditional way. However, not all options may be suitable for you.