Values of Church Camp

Church camp is a place where there is sacredness along with fun filling moment. Church camp is useful for kids and youngsters as it provides an environment where there are lot of activities, adventures and experience of beautiful nature created by God. It provides a secure and protected way of learning and enhancing Christian knowledge. Church camps should be promoted as it helps the youth and especially kids to develop a relationship of faith and trust with the God. You always spend a lot of money on recreation, family vacations, summer camp, gymnasium camp to engage yourselves and your kid and church camp is a great way to develop the personality and a spiritual growth of an individual, which is very essential for leading the life in a correct way.


There are many values attached to the Church camp which brings about a constructive and worthwhile experience which are mentioned as below:

  1. Continual use of word God:  In the Church camp you will have to perform some form of piousness in group or alone followed by an evening chapel along with memorizing Scripture program. This recurring process of the use of word God in a week’s time will completely change the life of yours by making you completely associated with God. 
  1. Good guidance from mentor:  A lot of campers are from separated family background or they have grown by seeing either or both the parents having lack of faith in God. These mentors provide a good path by inculcating self-determination and selfless love in the life of campers. Thus church camp aims to generate the atmosphere of Godliness around the campers. 
  1. Stay away from materialistic distraction: As a camper you are required to be away from all the electronic gadgets like mobiles, internet and computers etc. which otherwise distracts your mind and keep you away from the inner meaning of life. Church camp influences the life of young people like you by making you focus on your life and to realize the presence of Divine power. 
  1. Development of relationship: Church camp provides the platform for campers to make new friends which sometimes turn out to be lifelong friendship. It helps in developing your tendency to understand the relationship by caring, praying and sharing for your friends. In the camp the mentors also teaches the people to be kind and generous with others and thus enhances the bond of relationship with one another.
  1. Leadership development: Church camp provides the perfect fostering ambience to young people like you who would emerge as leaders for church and society. Mentors provide the guidance for upcoming leaders to discover the inner self, the importance of knowledge and the existence of God. The camp nurtures your life by allowing you to fight with your weakness and to develop the faith and trust in God during the situation of any hardship in your lives.
  1. Experience of Spiritual truth: You will have to undergo a lot of new activities, adventures, stressful trips, tough fellow beings, heat, rain, cold, displeasure, work at camp etc. The distance from home and near ones would add more of difficulty to your life at camp. These all hardships will bring you closer to spiritual truth of life.

Henceforth it is understood that church camp can be a great experience to appreciate the God’s creation and develop a spiritual knowledge. Apart from that it also provides a joyful moment and to enjoy with friends and perform lots of adventures and activities.